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About us

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

Keeping Your Carpets Flawless All Year Around

First impressions matter - a lot. But - you shouldn’t have to fork out to replace all your carpets just to leave a good impression for your family, friends, and guests. SaniClean can help you bring your property’s carpets back to to life. Our “DriQuick” carpet-cleaning technique never fails to impress every client we work with. We’re here to add value to your property and save you time on maintenance, all through our simple yet effective deep carpet clean that extends your carpet’s lifespan. 


But…Carpets Aren’t Our Only Forte!


From carpets to tiles to grout, we do it all with pride, promptness, and precision. We have a solid reputation for pristine floor cleaning services. Just ask our clients! As specialists in residential carpet cleaning in central Florida, we understand how important it is to you that your space to look flawless.

We Fit Into Your Timeframe, And Your Requirements


A national survey on the biggest carpet cleaning burdens showed that individuals and families in central Florida can’t stand long carpet drying times. With our signature DriQuick carpet cleaning technique, we can breathe new life into your floors without you having to wait around watching your carpet dry. Everything will be cleaned and dried in the same session for your peace of mind. That’s our guarantee.

Whether you need us for a once-off emergency or on a regular basis, we’ll always be there when you need us the most. It’s more than just carpets to you. That’s why it’s more than just business to us.


At Driquik, we pay uncompromised attention to detail in all we do. Something as simple as knowing that tap water can shorten your carpet’s lifespan by up to 40%, a fact most carpet cleaners are unaware of, can make all the difference. We use purified water and zero harsh chemicals to produce long-lasting results you will love. Combined with our signature cleaning technique that takes just minutes to dry, this truly is a recipe for success.


Clean Homes


Happy Clients

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